Just one sight

I want to start this category with a special person. Why is he special? Because in only few days we just needed a glance to know what we were thinking. Despite his nineteen years he knows what he wants. Leave him was the hardest part in the hungarian course. I’ll never forget a lot of wonderful moments we spent together, for example:

*When we sang Nickelback’s songs walking in the street.

*When we were walking and just stop to hug each other.

*When we invented the song: this is a secta, uhhhhhh!!!!!

*When we were lying in the table and you put your finger inside my nose.

*When we were doing this excercise and i have to touch you without touch you and viceversa.

*When we were dancing at the disco.

*And of course when i had to say goodbye to you and i can’t stop crying. I just wanted to hug you all the time because you’re an adorably guy!!!

I can describe you in a…

Sentence: This is a secta, uhhhh

Colour: You’re red!!! Don’t ask me why… 😛

Memory: when we were lying in the table and i was trying to sleep but you didn’t leave me in peace!!!!! hahaha

Place: Everywhere in Hungary

Song: Every song of Nickelback, but I choose this and I think you understand why…

See you soon in Poland 🙂



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